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Jonathan BASIL Medwid

Jonathan BASIL Medwid is originally from West Suffield, CT. Graduating from Suffield Academy in 1996, he then received a liberal arts degree from Wesleyan University, focusing his studies on English, Psychology, and Studio Arts. He began working as a professional Artist when he graduated in 2000. His work can already be found on Martha's Vineyard, Boston and the South Shore, Rhode Island, New York, Chicago, Connecticut, Colorado, Bermuda as well as the island of St. Lucia.

The Register Citizen - April 2006
The Southwick Suffield News - September 2005
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"I prefer to work on site amongst an audience.  Whereas many Artists rely on the seclusion of their studios, I only want to share my mission immediately.  Because my work is not just an expression of my self, it does not belong only to me.  My work is about the expansion of our consciousness, about the pursuit of something larger than ourselves.  I distort my images only to force my  rational intellect to make sense out of something extraordinary.  I believe that the mysterious things in life are also the most inspiring and intriguing.  Doubt, belief, imagination, passion; these are just some of the things that make us so human.  These are just some of the things that make us alive.  Our creativity is what makes life sparkle. In my work, I celebrate passion and intellect.  I am celebrating the roses we too often forget to smell."  - Basil 2005